Below are examples of common areas where we provide legal services.

Drafting & Review

Contract drafting and review services are customized to each client and their business.  Every company will have different practices and I ensure that any contract I draft protects the unique nuances of the business.  I also provide advice on how to minimize risk, review any proposed changes or new language offered by a counter party during negotiations, advise you of each party’s ongoing obligations, potential liabilities and avenues of recourse.  Typical contracts for creative entrepreneurs include client service contracts, non-disclosure agreements, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, freelancer agreements, booking agency contracts, influencer contracts.

Workshops & Conferences

I am delighted to participate in workshops and conferences for wedding industry professionals and creatives. Please get in touch to discuss my potential involvement.

Notarizing Documents

As a notary public, I administer oaths and affirmations in connection with the execution of affidavits and other written documents. I am also a mobile notary, providing the convenience of notarizing your documents at a meeting place in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Start-up Advisory Services

Advising entrepreneurs in the formation of their business entities, including setting up as LLCs, S-Corporations, general partnerships, and LLPs. This can also include general advice on potential thorny issues for creatives that may arise in the course of business and how to protect yourself and your business.

Consulting on Communications

From notices to cease and desist, collection and demand letters, communications concerning libel, slander or defamation and disparagement, I can help you and also review communications that you disseminate.


a note on referrals
If your situation requires a specialist in, for example, IP, Wills, Tax, Employment, or Litigation, I will advise you accordingly and, when able, assist you in finding an attorney or firm that is a good fit.

a note on fees
Depending on the service you seek and the complexity of the contract or issue, I typically work on an hourly fee structure.