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Mary Lee Herrington Esq.

Hi there! I hope that you have found yourself visiting my new blog because you’re interested in learning a bit more about how to protect you and your creative business. I’ll be writing about just that on a monthly basis, so please go ahead and sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive some of my thoughts and tips directly in your inbox!

But for today’s inaugural post, I won’t be talking about these thorny issues. Rather, it’s all about giving due credit to some well deserved businesses who were instrumental in the official launch of this website!

The design & development team at Sugar & Type worked so patiently and diligently on it over the past couple of months – they completely understood how I wanted to convey my branding and online presence. Such hard work and professionalism deserves a special shout-out – so if you are thinking about hiring a designer to create a logo, redesign your existing site or create everything from scratch, I couldn’t recommend Sugar & Type more.

I also have to thank photographer Judy Pak for taking the photographs for the site. She’s an extremely talented photographer who shoots weddings, lifestyle and commercial photography. It’s hard to get me to like having photos taken after having had two babies, but Judy not only puts you at ease in front of the camera, but she also produces photos that you love!

Thanks also to Anne Chertoff for her enthusiasm in my business idea and all her branding/ media/ wedding industry expertise.

And of course to my biggest cheerleader who, perhaps even more than me, couldn’t wait to see this website up – my husband! Thanks, D!

For my first newsletter, I will be writing about wedding businesses and wedding clients and how a day that is so full of beauty and love still nevertheless requires that creative wedding vendors think carefully about the legalities. So, go ahead and sign up for my newsletter to get it emailed direct to you, and/or send me any questions that you have on this topic and I’d be happy to address it.

Thanks again for stopping by!

– Mary Lee Herrington, Esq.


{ Photos by Judy Pak }

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