We have advised an extensive roster of creative businesses from whom we have been honored to receive glowing reviews and referrals. Below are snippets of praise from some of our happy clients.


“Mary came highly recommended to me by another seasoned colleague in the wedding industry. I work in the luxury wedding market in New York and wanted to find an attorney who could help me refine my legal documents. Mary really understands the services that we provide and how complex it can be to plan weddings for our type of clientele. She completely ‘gets’ the business and then thinks two steps ahead. My company and the events that we produce are different from other planners and she made sure that our contracts addressed our specific business policies and the work that we do. She was so thorough with my contracts that I also asked her to help with other matters for my company. Highly recommend.”

Leslie Mastin, Leslie Mastin Events Inc., Event Planning Firm


“As a creative, navigating the legal world is not my strong suit. When I was in the transition with my business I felt very overwhelmed and was so lucky I found Mary. Mary was able to help advise, do the necessary legwork and got me from A to B in a way that was seamless and professional. I’m very grateful for her expertise and guidance.”

Heather Waraksa, Heather Waraksa LLC, Fine Art Photography Studio


“I cannot speak highly enough of the legal services that Mary provides.  There is nobody else out there who has been a planner and is also a lawyer.  As a result, she thoroughly understands my business and how I need to be protected when planning weddings for clients, when there are so many moving parts under tight timelines and expectations.  Mary is always quick to respond and explains issues clearly.  When you’re running a business that provides a luxury service, your clients expect a lot from your company and Mary understands how to balance that with necessary protections for the business.  Anybody running a luxury wedding planning business should consider hiring Mary.”

Eyal Tessler, Tessler Events LLC, Event Planning Firm


“I am a very busy wedding planner with a growing business heading into 5 years. This year I began getting concerned about the way my contracts were written. I had nothing protecting myself and as a business owner this was becoming a bit scary. I was introduced to Mary by another industry contact and was thrilled when we met! Mary was so easy to work with right off the bat and instantly put my mind at ease. Not only is she knowledgable in law but she is also very knowledgable of the wedding industry. This proved to be highly necessary when working together. There were items Mary suggested for my contracts that I hadn’t even thought of! She works efficiently and her entire process is seamless. I feel much more confident sending contracts now & have had a much easier time booking clients as my contracts are worded much more professionally. Thank you Mary!”

Michelle Fernie, Michelle Elaine Weddings, Inc., Event Planning Firm


“Mary has been a true blessing to my business.  Not only does she have extensive legal expertise she also has an intimate knowledge of the wedding industry which has proven to be invaluable. She understands each vendor’s role in a wedding and the unique scenarios specific to a wedding that need to be addressed in a vendor and client contract.  She has carved out a niche that is so important to small businesses in this field!  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Lisa Raffo Ashley, The Wedding Artists Collective, Inc., Photography & Videography Agency


“Over the past few years there have been instances where I have realized I should have had a more concrete contract, valuable lessons learned as a small business owner. And as a photographer, there are so many different variables and you want to make sure both parties are completely covered, and I wanted to know at the end of the day that I had a solid contract to send out to future clients. As my business grew I was constantly making changes to my own contract but as soon as I found Mary, she helped my business out a tremendous amount. She walked me through my contract step by step until we figured out what necessary changes needed to be made and a few weeks later I was ready to go with a new business contract for potential clients. I not only felt so secure, but I was so confident in the next step that I had provided for my business. Not only am I so happy with all of my new business contracts, but Mary has been so helpful in providing the best legal advice possible if I ever have a Industry related legal question. I cannot recommend Mary enough, she has been a joy to work with and held my hand in taking my business to a level I didn’t even know was possible. Whether you are just starting out and creating your own business, or you have already been in business for many years, Mary should be your next phone call. She is incredible and you won’t regret it.”

CJ Isaac, Charlie Juliet Photography LLC, Photography Studio


“Mary was very thorough and responsive throughout the contract drafting process. She asked great questions to make sure that she understood all of our needs. Her input along the way was clear, to the point and well thought out. We would highly recommend her to all business professionals.”

Private Client


Mary is absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend her! As my business is growing, her services has helped me keep my business above par.  I found her to be responsive, knowledgeable, and interested in outlining the steps, risks, and potential solutions to solve pressing matters. She also has incredible insight into the wedding industry and has been incredibly helpful in walking me through various options. Her work has spanned from helping me with contracts to copyright issues. As an ex-attorney myself, I truly appreciate her attention to detail, quick response time, and always having my best interests in mind. Mary is more than an attorney, she is a valuable consultant and trusted advisor. Truly an asset for any small business!”

Judy Pak, Judy Chung Inc., Judy Pak Photography, Fine Art Film Photography Studio